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Sorgo Restaurant

Restaurant for years, attended by people from all over the world and remote country - Japan, Korea and Thailand. 

They come on the recommendation of previous guests from which were hosted in the restaurant.

And attracted by our specialties: Black risotto with cuttlefish, oysters, clams and various types of high quality fish.

We also offer pizza, grill and cooked to order.

Ston is a medieval town whose history goes back in in the early 14 century .

It is a small town with the longest stone wall in the EU, is 5.5 km long, narrow quiet,

noble ancient houses and three traces of ancient cultures around the city.
His bent value as salt city confirmed to the present day, because salt works is still in operation.

Naturally salt is produced, and has not changed since ancient times. Salt production has become tradicija.

Ston is the main town in the municipality of Dubrovnik. Geographically, the municipality of Ston, through Ponikve to Ioannina.

Ston has the second largest walls in the world and the oldest saltworks in the EU, located on the sea.

The richness and purity of nature confirms Mali Ston Bay confirms the places Mali Ston, Hodilje, Luka, Duba and Zamaslina.

They are known for cultivation of oysters and mussels (mussels) from the Roman era have carried the glory of this region

as an acknowledged natural aphrodisiac.

More than 25 years old restaurant "Sorgo" is located in the center of Ston.

We are honored to host you !

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A: Široka b.b.  20230 Ston
M: +385911754666
T : 020 754 666

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